Liked Links – May 18

Map of Bay Area Memespace: The Bay Area is unusually dense with idea-driven subcultures that mix and cross-pollinate in fascinating ways, many of which are already enriching rationalist culture. This map is my attempt at illustrating that landscape of subcultures, and at situating the rationalist community within it. – by Julia Galef –

Agathonic things: Though mediocrity is ubiquitous, among all the dross there are objects which improve with use—so-called agathonic things. Michael Helms and Larry Leifer proposed the idea of agathonic design in 2009. –

Edward Said’s : Edward Said, a Palestinan writer, academic and exile, talks about his book “Culture and Imperialism” and explains how the attitudes forged over the last 200 years continue to enforce the relationship between the west and the developing world.

This programme originally aired in February 1993.

T – by Eqbal Ahmad FB Fan Page Admin –

ADHD Needs a Better Name. We Have One.: ADHD is not purely a disorder; it is a mix of assets and liabilities. A more representative name for the condition is VAST, or variable attention stimulus trait. – by Edward Hallowell –

Weber–Fechner law: The Weber–Fechner law refers to two related hypotheses in the field of psychophysics, known as Weber’s law and Fechner’s law. Both laws relate to human perception, more specifically the relation between the actual change in a physical stimulus and the perceived change. – by From Wikipedia, the free –

The early days of home computing – in pictures: A new book documents the rapid evolution in home computer design – by Kadish Morris –