Ben Hammersley

Hello. I help people understand the modern world, and where it is taking us, by writing, talking, and making things.

In 2014, I have two main projects. Firstly, I'm writing and presenting a TV series for BBC World (internationally) and BBC News Channel (in the UK) on Cybercrime, cyberwarfare, and cybersecurity. "Cybercrime With Ben Hammersley" will air in six episodes from November.

Secondly, I’m the principal of Onwards, Friend - a programme to develop science and launch platforms for high-altitude and low-earth-orbit science. I am also Innovator in Residence at the Centre for Creative and Social Technologies at Goldsmiths, University of London, a contributing editor of the UK edition of WIRED magazine, and a non-executive director of Digital Jersey Ltd, on Jersey.

I write books, and columns for magazines. I build things, and teach. And I speak internationally on all of these topics. Email me if you would like me to speak at your event, consult, or help you with anything at all.